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Collections through City Civic Center From 27/MAR/2015 To 27/MAR/2015

From Date * To Date *
Civic Center Revenue Type
Counter Id
Note :The Date format may be 27/MAR/2015
Revenue TypeCounter IDReceiptsAmount
Sub Total18020
Professional Tax01111647276
Professional Tax01221447879
Professional Tax0124520242
Professional Tax01271240000
Professional Tax012835165951
Professional Tax01361028451
Sub Total92349799
Property Tax011110228551
Property Tax012226499148
Property Tax0124787983
Property Tax012728145181
Property Tax012834397825
Property Tax0134425731
Property Tax013618352270
Sub Total1271736689
Shops & Est. Licenses01241800
Sub Total1800
TSF Charges01363865
Sub Total3865
Vehicle Tax011115109817
Vehicle Tax012216141406
Vehicle Tax012467243
Vehicle Tax01271227090
Vehicle Tax013415100625
Vehicle TaxSub Total64386181
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