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Collections through City Civic Center From 20/SEP/2014 To 20/SEP/2014

From Date * To Date *
Civic Center Revenue Type
Counter Id
Note :The Date format may be 20/SEP/2014
Revenue TypeCounter IDReceiptsAmount
B/D CERT0110284000
Sub Total284000
Sub Total115020
Impact Fees011411360387
Impact Fees012119000
Sub Total21369387
Professional Tax011014942
Professional Tax011429100300
Professional Tax01181433940
Professional Tax012124129608
Professional Tax012430106000
Professional Tax012512225051
Sub Total110599841
Property Tax011136426
Property Tax011479359757
Property Tax011837209090
Property Tax0121414683
Property Tax012457942697
Property Tax012560443240
Sub Total2401975893
Right To Information011810200
Sub Total10200
Vehicle Tax0110525116
Vehicle TaxSub Total525116
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