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Collections through City Civic Center From 01/OCT/2014 To 01/OCT/2014

From Date * To Date *
Civic Center Revenue Type
Counter Id
Note :The Date format may be 01/OCT/2014
Revenue TypeCounter IDReceiptsAmount
B/D CERT011071100
B/D CERT01224300
Sub Total111400
Sub Total15020
Hawkers License01211425
Sub Total1425
Impact Fees0118121000
Sub Total121000
Professional Tax01111129594
Professional Tax01142590391
Professional Tax01181456863
Professional Tax01242341661
Professional Tax01252240940
Sub Total95259449
Property Tax0104410789
Property Tax0111426022
Property Tax0114811926
Property Tax011822132289
Property Tax01241429692
Property Tax012514152022
Sub Total66362740
Shops & Est. Licenses01212210
Sub Total2210
Vehicle Tax0121543521
Vehicle TaxSub Total543521
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