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Collections through City Civic Center From 28/JAN/2015 To 28/JAN/2015

From Date * To Date *
Civic Center Revenue Type
Counter Id
Note :The Date format may be 28/JAN/2015
Revenue TypeCounter IDReceiptsAmount
B/D CERT0132362450
Sub Total362450
Sub Total17020
Impact Fees011114000
Sub Total14000
Professional Tax0111826125
Professional Tax012435526
Professional Tax0125626904
Professional Tax01281045186
Professional Tax01291332020
Sub Total40135761
Property Tax01106144415
Property Tax011113187504
Property Tax0114370235
Property Tax0124923227
Property Tax012520347520
Property Tax0127114675
Property Tax0128101064272
Property Tax012914110592
Sub Total761962440
Shops & Est. Licenses01143307
Sub Total3307
TSF Charges0124110
TSF Charges01271375
TSF Charges01281550
Sub Total3935
Vehicle Tax0124452494
Vehicle Tax0127129017
Vehicle TaxSub Total581511
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