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Collections through City Civic Center From 30/OCT/2014 To 30/OCT/2014

From Date * To Date *
Civic Center Revenue Type
Counter Id
Note :The Date format may be 30/OCT/2014
Revenue TypeCounter IDReceiptsAmount
B/D CERT0126241400
B/D CERT01272100
Sub Total261500
Sub Total216040
Professional Tax0110613040
Professional Tax011124426
Professional Tax01141463820
Professional Tax0118717484
Professional Tax0122153455
Professional Tax01241131644
Professional Tax012512287403
Professional Tax012827860
Sub Total55479132
Property Tax01102573918
Property Tax0114712059
Property Tax01181038367
Property Tax0122923484
Property Tax012416153214
Property Tax012513320057
Property Tax012815900
Sub Total581126999
Right To Information0128120
Sub Total120
TDO FEES01281500
Sub Total1500
TSF Charges012812800
TSF ChargesSub Total12800
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