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Within 21 days of occurrence of birth/Death one can register Birth/Death at Birth/Death Registration Centre of the concerned ward and get the certificate.
If it is more than 21 days but less than 1 year the registration can be done and certificate can be made available from the main registrar office of the Municipal Corporation on production of application in prescribed format with adequate fee receipt, proof of birth/death and original court affidavit.
If period is more than 1 year of the occurrence of birth/death, one has to apply in prescribed format along with adequate fee receipt, evidences and original court affidavit for getting “ NO RECORD CERTIFICATE”. Along with this certificate, and other required documents one has to get court orders from the First Class Judicial Magistrate Court. These orders are to be submitted to the registrar birth/Deaths along with fee receipt, for registering birth/Death and getting the certificate of registration.
One can include name of child within one year of the registration of the birth at birth /Death at registration centre at no cost.
After completion of the 1 year of the registration, name can be included on producing application on a prescribed format, fee receipt, certified copy of school leaving certificate of child or original bonafide certificate of the school where child is studying, On producing two certified copies of the proof of father's name with surname, surname can be added after father's name in the register.
If any modification in the certificate are required to be made, one has to apply on a prescribed format and submit to the main office of the registrar Birth and Death along with attested true copies of the necessary evidences and court affidavit ( only in required cases). Main office does the necessary corrections in the register.
To get extra copies of Birth/Death after the registration of Birth/Death or to get English translated copies of the certificate one has to approach any of the nearest city civic centers of The Municipal Corporation on Municipal Corporation working days between 11.00 to 5.00 P.M.. There, a form has to be filled in. On submission of the same, we can get as many copies as we want on chargeable basis. The charges for such the copies are Rs. 25.00 per copy of certificate.
Health Birth-Death-Marriages Department of The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation started registering marriages from 01-01-2008 under Registration of Marriages Act, 2006. Under this act all marriages those are occurred in The Municipal Corporation limit are registered and the certification for the same is issued by the Health Birth-Death-Marriages Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Ahmedabad City is divided into 64 election wards. All these wards are equipped with ward offices. Each Ward office is the registration centre for Marriages taking place in the concerned ward. Representative of the Health Birth-Death-Marriages Department verifies the available documents and finding them adequate, he/she registers the marriage and issues marriage certificate.
Required Documents For Getting Marriage Registration Certificate
1. Application Form
2. Memorandum of Marriage ( Two Copies with 100 Rupees Agreement Stamp on both copies)
3. Two photographs each of Bride and bride groom
4. Certified copies of Birth Certificate or School leaving Certificate of both Bride and bride groom (True Copy)
5. Certified copy of photo identity of the person holding marriage procession/ holding Nikah (Any one of the Passport, PAN Card, Election Card, Driving License) If the person holding marriage procession/ holding Nikah is dead then it should be clearly written in the Memorandum of Marriage that he is DIED.
6. Certified photo identity proof of the two witnesses(Any one of the Passport, PAN Card, Election Card, Driving License)
7. Wedding Invitation Card ( If it is not available then an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 20 has to be produced mentioning that “ OUR MARRIAGE WAS HOLD IN AHMEDABAD CITY AT __________________________________________ PLACE AND ON ________________DATE”
On production of the above documents in concerned ward where marriage took place, the marriage certificate is issued
It is not necessary for witnesses and the person holding marriage procession/ holding Nikah to remain present at the time of marriage registration. But marriage Registrar deems necessary he can call them.
Dr. Amit Begda
Registrar of Birth ,Death & Marriage
Second Floor, Sardar Patel Bhavan,
Municipal Kotha, Danapith,
Ahmadabad- 380001
( Ph ) : 079-25391811 (Ext) : 671
Office Timings : 10.30 A.M. to 3.10 P.M. (Recess hours: 2.00 to 2.30 P.M.)
Application receiving time : 12.00 to 5.00 P.M.
  • Property Tax is the major source of income for The Municipal Corporation. All properties falling under the Municipal Corporation limit are liable for the valuation of Tax. Properties are divided into two types, Residential and Non Residential.
  • Newly erected properties are covered under property tax master data base through any of the following ways:-
    • Volunteer application from the owner of the property.
    • Identified by The Divisional Superintendent or Ward Inspector.
    • Identified by the Valuation Team of The Corporation.
    • Identified by the Vigilance Squad of The Municipal Corporation.
    • Informed by the Estate/TDO Department of The Municipal Corporation.
  • Property can be assessed on accordance of Building Use Permission or initializing the usage of the property from the date which ever falls earlier among above two reasons.
  • If owner of the property wants to get his newly created property covered under property tax system, he has to fill up the form for new property creation and submit the same to concerned Zonal Tax Office or any of the city civic centres of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. All such applications are sent to concerned Ward Inspector / Divisional Superintendent. On taking sight visit ant thorough verification, the Divisional Superintendent recommends such property for the inclusion. Finally The Deputy Assessor and Collector of concerned zone accord the approval for the inclusion of such properties. If property is identified by The Ward Inspector / Divisional Superintendent, the required factor details are collected by the after due verifications. Then after, the proposal is sent to The Deputy Assessor and Collector of concerned zone through Asstt Manager. On accordance of the approval the same is included by the concerned ward inspector for preparing special notice and billing purpose.
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